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Panelup Systems,

a Leader in Thermal comfort, using Bondor’s SIP Structural Insulated Products since 1950’s


Our Vision is to change the way people look at building their new homes, to challenge traditional construction methods and build innovation within the construction industry.

Our mission (and Passion) is to help Home Builders simplify building process, through innovative pre-fabricated, energy efficient modular solutions, delivering outstanding comfort to your home.

Panelup is a part of the Inventive Building Pty Ltd group of companies, established in 2008. Inspired by Bondor's InsulLiving system, we explored ideas, adopted new techniques, used new technologies and invented the Panelup System that we use today. We are proud to say that our Panelup System is a unique system, and the only of its kind in the world..

Partnered with Bondor Australia, we now own exclusive rights to supply Bondor products, please contact us for detailed information.



Bondor is Australia's leader in complete thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels.


More than just the leading manufacturer of insulated panels, Bondor has unrivaled experience in design assistance and construction.

As Australia's only manufacturer, distributor and installer of EPS-FR cored panel, Factory Mutual Approved PIR cored panel and Factory Mutual Approved Mineral Fibre cored panel, Bondor is in a unique position to be able to offer our customers impartial advice on the right insulated panel solution to meet their needs.

Founded in the 1950s, Bondor offers the most comprehensive range of insulated panel products and systems available. As the developer of the original patented Slip Joint which makes the system work, Bondor is constantly working on solutions for industrial and commercial building customers across Australia.


If you have a passion for the Building & Construction industry, then you have come to the right place. Panelup and our team of employees are transforming the way Australian’s build their houses. We are committed to building outside the traditional scope, and are setting new trends and standards in manufacturing, construction, and design.

We are dedicated to career development and ensure that each team member is supported as we strive towards the shared goal of revolutionizing the Australian construction market.

Please refer below to our current vacancies:

  • 1. Sales Representative
  • 2. Project Manager
  • 3. Marketing Manager
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