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Hey Home Builder...

discover our fast off-site manufacturing systems and enjoy the perfect insulation & air tightness that our system brings to your home..

Panelup Systems, A LEADER in Thermal comfort, using Bondor’s SIP Structural Insulated Products since 1950’s

Using the latest 3D BIM computer technology & custom-made machinery we now manufacture & supply complete home building systems up to lock-up stage, which can be erected by virtually any carpenters.

Our system consists of:

Panelup wall (External modular load bearing wall)

Solarspan roofing panels

Internal timber frames

Engineered floor joist systems for 2nd storey

Structural steel beams & posts

All pre-cut and pre-fabricated in our warehouse and delivered to your job as per the plans ready for installation... Australia wide.

Why Panelup…everlasting comfort in your home?



Watch our videos to see how we achieved 200m2 home lock-up stage in

2.5 days.

Overall construction speed can be increased by more than 50%, Move in

your home much quicker.

No weather delays, year-round construction.

Less Organisation, less trades and less deliveries onsite.

Reduces complexity of design and building tasks.

No Rubbish on site

House is weather tight as soon as you lift walls and roof in place.

Other ‘follow up’ trades start straight away

Installing wall cladding is extremely fast over our perfectly straight metal


No need for conventional eaves, bottom side of our roof panels come

painted in surfmist white, enjoy the beautiful maintenance free everlasting colorbond finish.

No need for additional window flashing, our window manufacturer

provides perfect tailored solution which works great with our |Panelup Wall|


Architecturally flexible with the ability to customize designs and achieve

any desired plan, no need to follow panel width pattern.

Using hiab truck or small crane simply lift the wall modules in bottom

Base Channels and fix using metal head screws.

Timber frames supplied for Internal walls for cost efficiency and ease of


Modular walls and roof panels come with pre-cut holes for services on

every joint

No need for sarking or battening out, walls are perfectly straight.

Install any type of cladding externally, render or even brick if you desire.

Direct stick plasterboard internally

Replaces need for roof trusses, roof beams, external timber/metal


frames, or bricks.

If you are building within 100km from us we are happy to send you our

team to install everything for you, otherwise we can come and train your carpenters/builders.


Cost Efficient

Building your home with Panelup systems is significantly cheaper than

brick-veneer homes, double brick, or CLT constructions. Cost of our modular wall is same cost as laying single skin face brickwork.

Termite proof, piece of mind for the lifetime of your home.

Rated up to BAL40, build homes in bush prone areas without additional

structural costs. We can also supply panels made with Mineral Wool inner core, which can be used as fire walls.

Superior strength of our system, with every single SIP panel acting as a

bracing panel on your home easily allows you to build in cyclonic areas without any additional costs.

Gain more m2 of your internal area for the same footprint of the brick

veneer home at no extra cost. Our walls are 140mm thick vs 250mm brick veneer.

Energy Efficient

External walls are rated R3.7 without any cladding VS Double Brick rated


200mm Roof panels are rated whopping R5.3

Easily build 8-10-star home and save on energy bills for the lifetime of

your home.

Significantly exceeds current energy ratings, amazing insulation and

sound capabilities, doesn’t burn and termite resistant. Fully recyclable and reusable building material.

System provides continuous insulation that reduces or eliminates thermal

bridging, and is impervious to compression, water vapour, vermin or rot.

Reduces landfill over standard framed construction methods.

Uses the non-ozone depleting insulants

Light weight product, average 12kg/m2, no maintenance required,

recyclable and reusable.

Our home significantly reduces the amount of energy required to keep

the home within a comfortable temperature range, therefore you save on energy bills.


Perfect alignment

To have the best system with perfect alignment, we had to choose the

best suppliers. We partnered with Bondor Australia, a leader in thermal building solutions, manufacturing products since 1950’s.

Off-site manufacturing in our controlled environment vastly improves

accuracy of the finished products, minimizes waste, and delivers precision that will be greatly appreciated by the builder and home owner.

Fully engineered, Building Code of Australia and CodeMark Compliant


Our factory check lists and manufacturing Accuracy makes it super easy

for installers to crane walls in place using our proven techniques which will minimize labor time on site.


Consistent building system simplifies estimating and eliminates any

variations, additional or hidden costs during the construction of your home.

Consistent cashflow from your banks with no delays or waiting on trades.

Build more homes annually with piece of mind.

Benefit from vastly improved building system that eliminates paying

multiple trades/suppliers and gives you greater workplace safety.

Air tightness is superb, air-leakage/infiltration rates are significantly


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Panelup System is part of Inventive Building Pty Ltd, company established in 2008.



Bondor is Australia's leader in complete thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels.



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