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Panelup Systems,

a LEADER in Thermal comfort, using Bondor’s SIP Structural Insulated Products since 1950’s


Whether you are a developer or private homeowner, Our Panelup System can adapt to suit your design and needs. We guarantee to deliver a home to suit any family’s needs as we are the custom design specialists.

Our passionate and highly skilled design team will ensure that every client experiences a new level of luxury in a home that is both versatile and practical with sophisticated features and unsurpassed quality.


Granny Flats are a hot topic, jump on board and start making some money from your backyard while the Government is still allowing it. With max 60m2 allowance please understand that these are very small dwellings which need very high insulation and air-tightness in order to keep it cool, and there is only one way to achieve that, Panelup Modular System. 

Engage one of our Builders to build a complete Granny Flat for you at a very affordable costs using the panelup system, OR engage us to supply you with a lockup stage kit while you save up to $40,000 by doing some work yourself. Click here to find out more information about our latest offer.

We can cater to your custom design or choose one of the designs from our Builder's range.


As a complete walling and roofing system, the Panelup system competes very favorably with alternative construction methods, particularly due to the labour savings. Furthermore, our system offers a huge return on energy savings over the life of your home, which will be an ongoing gain on your investment.

Panelup is comparable to building a home using traditional construction products, so you can have all of the benefits and not break the bank.


Our Panelup System has been CodeMark certified as meeting minimum R-values required for most climate zones. It optimises energy efficiency and overall sustainability for each project. This product significantly exceeds current Australian requirements for Energy Ratings.

With a recent shift by regulatory bodies towards a more environmentally sustainable Australia, the national Star-Rating program is being used to evaluate the environmental design and construction of buildings and communities throughout the nation. A minimum Star-Rating must now be achieved to obtain approval to construct a new home in Australia.

Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact while creating a more comfortable home for our customers to live in. As the Panels have built in insulation they will save you money on heating and cooling costs and create a more pleasant habitable environment for you and your family.

In real life this system minimises the heat lost due to gaps, settling, thermal bridging, moisture gain, compression and incorrect installation techniques. Our Panelup system provides continuous insulation, does not compress, absorb moisture, rot or settle, providing superior insulation for the life of the building.

The Panelup system not only performs for you, it also looks out for the environment. This system saves resources in manufacturing and a reduction in building materials, resulting in fewer transport journeys, which means a reduced carbon footprint during construction.

With our Panelup system it's possible to increase your ceiling height and remain comfortable throughout winter or summer in a thermally efficient home. Fully reusable, recyclable and non-toxic building materials.


Is the Panelup system more expensive than traditional construction?

NO. The Panelup system has been developed to be comparable and cost effective to traditional building materials. Therefore, when using our Panelup system you will find the pricing is similar to building a normal home, only you have the all the benefits of our structural insulated panels.

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Panelup Prefab-System is an innovative construction method specifically designed to reduce costs, speed up the construction, and provide maximum benefits to homeowners. 


Using the latest 3D BIM computer technology, laser projectors and custom-made machinery we manufacture and supply complete home building components up to lock-up stage, which are then delivered to site as individual elements and assembled by carpenters using the crane. 


In Prefab System, 50% of project components is prefabricated in our factory, and further 50% is kept as traditional and completed on site by your Builder. 
Our innovative approach makes perfect sense, each building material has its own characteristics, so we elected to utilise the best out of those and integrate it in Panelup Prefab homes.


  • Brick is extremely poor in insulation, absorbs water and leaks air, but its great for supporting down force loads and aesthetics, consequently we recommend it for garage fronts and pier columns.  

  • SIP Panels are extremely good for insulation, air tightness, bracing and strength, therefore we use it for external building envelope of Panelup prefab homes. 

  • Timber frames are cheap, good for running services and perform well for internal non-load bearing walls; hence we use it. 

  • Steel beam and columns are extremely versatile for long spans, concentrated loads and supports, thus we incorporate it into the prefab system. 


Prefabrication has been widely used for hundreds of years all over the world, in fact most traditional homes these days use some sort of prefabrication, ex. Prefab frames, trusses, kitchens, joinery, stairs, windows, floor cassettes, bathrooms and other products. 
Panelup has taken it a step further by implementing and inventing the products that make a perfect home of 21st century. 

Panelup Prefab-System consists of: 

•    Panelup Wall (Invented by Panelup in 2014 using Insulwall by Bondor) 
•    Panelup Framing (Internal timber frames manufactured by us) 
•    Panelup Steel (Steel components fabricated in our factory) 
•    Panelup Floor (Floor Cassettes manufactured in our factory) 
•    Panelup Roofing (Insulated roofing supplied by Bondor)
•    Panelup Pods (Complete Bathroom Pods manufactured by us) 



Panelup Prefab-System in suitable for: 

•    New Homes
•    Manor Homes
•    Duplex & Multi Dwelling 
•    Second Storey Additions 
•    Warehouses 
•    Granny Flats where concrete slab is desired 
•    Garages