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a LEADER in Thermal comfort, using Bondor’s SIP Structural Insulated Products since 1950’s

Insulated Roofing

Do you have a Deck, Balcony or Patio that needs roof covering this summer? We have a perfect solution for you, our roof panels are fully

insulated, they don’t require timber structure, fibro or painting and they look stunning, and best of all they are maintenance free forever.

Solarspan roof panels are manufactured by Bondor Australia, a leader in thermal & Architectural roof panel solutions and we are your proud local distributor, supplying Australia wide.

Solarspan roofing has 2 colorbond skins, top being the roofing sheet chemically bonded onto polystyrene insulation and bottom skin is painted in white and acts as a prefinished ceiling.

This product doesn’t require any roofing structures, it simply attaches to the house and spans up to the timber/metal beam on the other side which is supported by posts, many more combinations is available to suit your design including the gable ends.

In recent years insulated roofing has become a very popular choice when it comes to outdoor roofing, it has so many advantages over traditional builds, being some:


You can walk on the roof without denting it, two colorbond BlueScope steel skins means double the protection, comes with 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.


No need to paint your ceiling or fascia ever again, simply grab your hose and wash it off and make it shine again.

Cost Effective

Building your roof using Solaspan roofing is very cost effective and competitive with traditional builds, however you are benefiting from many advantages that our product offers.


Our panels range from 50mm up to 200mm thick, thickness will depend on the span required and insulation properties requested, our 200mm panel has R5.5 Value, yep you heard it, enjoy the outdoor area in all seasons.

Noise Reduction

There is nothing worse then hearing loud rain noises slamming over standard colorbond roofs, our insulated panels completely eliminate that noise and make it very pleasing sitting outside while it’s raining.

Large Spans

Our 200mm panels span 8.1m as C/S, this is unachievable with timber beams. Large spans were always a challenge for timber beams but not for our Insulated Roofing Panels.

Ease of Installation

Solarspan roofing is very easy to install, most handy people can do it themselves using our installation manual, however if you don’t feel handy or don’t have time, then you can approach any local Carpenter, Handyman or Roofer to install it for you.

If you live 70km around Wollongong please get in touch with us and we’ll send you our Team to install it for you.

To place the Order simple send us an email with your Patio size, send us some photos or sketches and we’ll email you your quote back.

Please allow 2 weeks from placing the Order and Delivery to your home.



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