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Panelup Systems, A LEADER in Thermal comfort, using Bondor’s SIP Structural Insulated Products since 1950’s


Portable Cabins / Commercial Spaces

We offer a wide range of affordable Portable Cabin solutions using our Panelup Modular System. These Cabins are constructed in our warehouse by our highly skilled construction team using specialized machinery and construction techniques over our years of experience working with structural insulated panels. We design the Modular Cabins to suit your needs and then arrange quick and easy delivery and installation to your site. All you need to do is connect the services.


Modular Portable dwellings can only be installed in caravan parks, rural area, and where Council allows them. 



Modular Portable dwellings are perfect solution for: 

  • Caravan Parks 
  • Site Office 
  • Rural Temporary dwelling 
  • Commercial Offices 
  • Food industry 

Modular Permanent dwellings are perfectly suited for Granny Flats and small homes, these are fully built in our factory and then transported in one or more parts / modules, and once installed they are Council approved as permanent dwellings. 


Our Modular Granny Flats are a great investment for you, why wait 12 weeks when we can install one in only 2 days!  This system offers room for your growing family, or a great investment opportunity for you to earn some additional weekly income.

We make the process easy for you to have a Portable or Permanent Panelup Modular dwelling delivered and installed to your site, quickly, easily and stress free. We do all the work for you including obtaining the relevant council or certifier approvals and site connections. 


We have the perfect solution for your site office building. We offer custom made or standard designs, affordable and delivered to your site as a supply only or supply and installation.

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gallery/1Bed DAVAO 34 - Front
gallery/2Bed PALM 45 - Front
gallery/2Bed DOMINO 60 - Front
gallery/2Bed TRIPLE 47 - Front
gallery/3Bed VIVO 60 - Front
gallery/1Bed TARDIS 30 - Front


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